Gran Reserva Vinos

We reach the peak of the ageing process, and in the case of Roger Goulart we are talking about cavas aged for more than 36 months, in some cases up to 4-5 years. The aim here is to endow the cava with a great deal of organoleptic complexity, seeking to enhance all the toasted notes, baking, brioche, fruit with a certain maturity, dried flowers, creaminess and mellowness. All these sensations are achieved by taking advantage of the autolysis phenomenon of the yeasts that are in contact with the wine throughout the ageing process. These yeasts, in base wines with an ageing vocation, provide our cavas with a whole palette of aromas, flavours and textures that make them unique.

Roger Goulart's Grandes Réserves are gastronomic cavas, cavas of great complexity, power and depth that are especially recommended to accompany any type of dish, however complex and consistent it may be. In addition, their fine carbonic and delicate creaminess are a perfect ally to refresh the palate and enhance the digestion of the most elaborate culinary proposals.

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