Our production method

The production of long-aged cavas has always been part of Roger Goulart’s philosophy and means we focus on:

  • Selecting the best base wines made from the finest grapes from the different vineyards located in the geographical area of D.O. Cava, Comtats de Barcelona, with a special penchant for traditional Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada grape varieties.
  • The main production area, the Penedès plain, enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with optimal conditions for the ripening of the grapes, allowing the cultivation of different grape varieties at different altitudes.
  • Wines with naturally high acidity levels, that can withstand many years of ageing.
  • Tirage using the youngest wines at just the right moment when they can offer optimum freshness and finesse.
  • Resting the bottles of cava in absolute silence and darkness in cellars with a unique microclimate.
  • Dispatch of the cavas as soon as peak ageing is reached, ensuring a high concentration of structural and aromatic compounds from the slow autolysis of the yeast, aided in the case of the more mature cavas by the “deplacé” technique (gentle shaking of the bottles before relocating them and leaving them to age, thus forcing quality organoleptic compounds to dissolve and concentrate).

Each grape variety is fermented separately when producing the base wine, and it is only once alcoholic fermentation has finished and the wine has clarified naturally that the different wines are blended. This technique ensures a base wine with a more complex and powerful organoleptic profile, as synergies are created between the wines that make up the blend. Blends may differ in each vintage, but they always stick to the aromatic profile our cavas are famed for.

Thanks to our use of the garnacha tinta grape as the main variety for rosés, Roger Goulart’s rosé cavas have always displayed an individual style unique to the winery. This grape variety, with a marked Mediterranean character, provides us with very fruity wines with a delicate bouquet and a beautiful pink colour with bluish undertones and which, thanks to their high acidity, last during the ageing period and can be enjoyed in all their glory when poured into a glass and savoured with friends.



Taking care of cava down to the finest detail.

Pedro Muñoz, Technical Director and David Piera, Export Manager lead an excellent team at Roger Goulart with a long history in the production of quality cavas. They are committed to the production of long-aged cavas made possible by careful selection of grapes, meticulous base wine production and ageing in underground cellars.

Pedro Muñoz is Technical Director at Roger Goulart, in charge of even the tiniest technical detail of the winery as well as continuing the philosophy of making great cavas using the traditional method and long ageing. He is an experienced agricultural engineer, and sits on several committees, including (since 1992) the Technical Committee of Cava’s Regulatory Board.